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Wood Floor Refinishing in Cork

Wood Flooring Installation

Quality hardwood floors can add a touch of elegance to any space. The right flooring can bring together various design elements in your home and help showcase your unique sense of style. Our Cork wood flooring installation specialists can help you select the flooring that bests suits your lifestyle and budget.

What You Should Consider When Buying Wood Flooring:

Since flooring accounts for a significant portion of your decorating budget, you should consider the following factors:

  • Your Overall Design Style:
    The type of wood that you choose will determine the atmosphere of the room. For example, the grain of oak and ash take well to a variety of stains and provide a timeless, traditional feel to a space. Maple, which is more monochromatic, will add a contemporary flair to your room. If you a looking for rustic warmth, consider cherry or hickory flooring. If you prefer something more exotic, you can look to Sapele or Tigerwood that provide bold, unusual patterns.
  • Choosing the Right Finish:
    Hardwood floors can be customised with a number of different stains and finishes. For a touch of drama, consider the stark contrast of dark flooring against light furniture or vice versa. Rich hues such as mahogany offer traditional elegance. High gloss dark woods and flooring that matches rugs or other elements in the room will give your home a contemporary look. The subtle imperfections of distressed or hand-scrapped wood floors will help you achieve a rustic feel.

Characteristics of Hardwood Flooring:

The exact grain and colour of your hardwood floors is determined by the species of tree, the part of the tree where the wood comes from, and how the wood is cut. Subtle variations in colour and grain add beauty and interest to your flooring. The colouring of your floor will also change with time and exposure to sunlight. Since wood is a natural product, it expands and contracts with humidity and temperature changes. Your flooring may even develop fine, hairline cracks. This is normal and is not a product or installation defect. Our Cork flooring experts can give you advice on how to protect your hardwood flooring so that it stays looking new for longer.

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If you are looking for quality wood floor installation in Cork or the surrounding area, give us a call today for more information about our products or services.


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Wood Floor Refinishing in Cork

Wood Floor Refinishing in Cork
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