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Commercial Floor Refinishing 

If you are looking for commercial floor sanding and repairs, you have come to the right place. We are experts in commercial floor sanding and repair services in Cork city. Besides, we have the experience and expertise to do floor sanding, repairs, and finish. Whether you require repairs for cracks and splits or just finishing, our company is a phone call away and will deliver and surpass your expectations.

Commercial Floors

Sanding and refinishing is a great way to restore your extremely worn commercial floor. This process removes most damage and will give your damaged and discoloured floor a new life. We understand how easy it is to maintain a floor with a good finish that makes your worn floor look great and prevents further damage.

Therefore, as an added advantage, commercial floor sanding and repair make it easy for you to clean and prevent further repairs and maintenance. If you have fallen behind the required re-coating schedule or the floor is damaged due to prolonged heavy traffic, our service will offer a cost-effective way to restore your floor, making it as good as new.

The Benefits of Sanding your Business Premise

  • Your wooden business floor is subjected to heavy use that damages and discolours it over time. Commercial environments are associated with high traffic since many people and goods frequently move about. However, proper care is needed for these floors to last longer. You can count on our expertise to renovate your floor and enable them to maintain its professional and impressive look.

    If you have destroyed wooden flooring in your business, especially the commercial area, you understand that it is that spot that people will notice fast. It always sends a wrong impression to your customers. A sanded and properly maintained commercial wood floor is a great company investment.

    Here are a few reasons floor sanding shops and other business premises is important.

    It gives your Floor a Clean and New Look

    Most companies prefer installing hardwood floors because they are durable and entail low maintenance. However, a notable drawback is that they will start showing signs of wear and tear over time. Also, they will start turning and become dull, tired, and looking parquet. When you hire our Commercial Floor Sanding Cork company, you will understand how cheaper it will be to replace your business’s wooden floor. We will not rest until your floor looks bright and attractive.

    Easy to Clean Floor

    There is nothing as tough as cleaning a worn-out floor. A floor that has lost its shine will still appear dirty no matter how often you clean it. This sends a bad image about your overall business to your customers. Therefore, when you let us sand your commercial floor, you will minimise the time you spend cleaning it because we will restore its shine and make it easy for you to conserve your cleaning products.

    Improves Safety

    When the protective finish of your wood floor wears off, the board mats begin to break and fall. You do not want to imagine the amount of threat the splinters can pose to not only your staff but also customers and visitors. This problem is witnessed more in gyms, halls, and spaces where people are more likely to be without shoes. We are a professional company for floor sanding gyms to remove loose parts and splinters, after which we install a new protective cover.

    It Prevents Fresh Damages

    Floor sanding shops and other business premises prevent the existing damages from worsening. It also prevents new issues from popping up. Wooden floors are affected by many issues. However, you can choose us to sand and polish them, so they remain protected. Ultimately, we will protect you from unforeseen expenses in the future.

    Place your trust in us for your excellent commercial floor sanding and repairs in Cork City. Our reputation for doing exceptional work is real. Also, our commercial floor sanding Cork city company will turn your dull and old wooden floor into a beautiful and outstanding one. With many years of floor sanding bars and commercial premises, you confidently welcome clients to your new-looking business premises once we are done. Talk to us today to learn more about our services and request a free quote.

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